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At XS Merchandise, we strive to provide unbeatable deals on top-quality, name-brand products from major US manufacturers.

  • Fresh Inventory Weekly:
    • Stay ahead of the competition with new merchandise arriving every week. Our stock is constantly updated to ensure you have access to the latest and greatest products.
  • Essential Everyday Items:
    • Our specialty at XS Merchandise is sourcing product that consumers need on a consistent basis. Keep your shelves stocked with a diverse selection of essentials that your customers need regularly.
  • Categories We Sell:
    • We offer a wide range of categories such as Auto, Electronics, Housewares, Kitchen, Office, Outdoor and much more!
  • Remarkable Savings:
    • Maximize your profit margins with our average savings of 40%-60% off wholesale prices.
  • Personalized Service:
    • Benefit from a dedicated sales manager who understands your unique needs and helps you make the most of our offerings.
  • Direct Ownership:
    • We own all the merchandise, meaning no middlemen and no unnecessary markups. You get the best deals straight from us.
  • Versatile Experience:
    • Whether you operate a single store or a vast chain of 1,000+ locations, our extensive experience in selling to all types of closeout retailers ensures we cater to your specific requirements.

Minimum Order Size: $2,500

Please Note: Currently, we are not accepting Amazon Resellers.

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