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Sell to XS

Turn Your Excess Inventory into Cash with XS Merchandise!

Are you sitting on obsolete inventory that's taking up valuable warehouse space? XS Merchandise is here to help! Here's why you should sell your excess stock to us:

  • Quick and Efficient Transactions:
    • We purchase in truckload quantities and can take product immediately after a Purchase Order is issued. No delays, just fast cash for your inventory.
  • Take All Offers:
    • We can handle "take all" quantities, ensuring you clear out your entire inventory hassle-free.
  • Categories We Purchase:
    • We purchase goods in a wide range of categories such as Auto, Electronics, Housewares, Kitchen, Office, Outdoor and much more!
  • Immediate Cash Flow:
    • Convert your obsolete inventory into cash quickly and efficiently, freeing up your warehouse space and improving your bottom line.
  • Expertise Across Price Points:
    • With extensive experience dealing with products at any price point, we can offer competitive pricing for all your goods.
  • Trusted Reputation:
    • Our 4A1 Dun and Bradstreet credit rating underscores our reliability and financial strength. Partner with a company you can trust.
  • Decades of Experience:
    • With over 40 years of industry relationships, we have the know-how and connections to make the selling process smooth and beneficial for you.
  • Direct Ownership:
    • We own all the merchandise we purchase, eliminating the middleman and ensuring a straightforward transaction process.

We honor all selling restrictions including major big-box retailers and online sellers.

Ready to free up space and convert your inventory into cash? Contact Us today to start selling to XS Merchandise!